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Flashlights are great at blinding “flash,” but TruChrom brings color to darkness. We humans have been trying to see better in the darkness since before the discovery of fire. This has led to a myriad of torches, lights, and beams. Optiix TruChrom offers something new—a way to bring more color and clarity to the darkness around you. Introducing the TruChrom flashlight.

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Our filter takes out the certain light wavelengths that mute what we see to saturate colors. This creates a visual feast for your eyes. Colors “pop” and the depth of field becomes richer and more textured.


The 3ooo mAh Li-Ion battery is rechargeable (of course) and offers hours of runtime at high power. What’s more, you can even use your light to charge your phone or tablet when you’re out in the darkest woods.

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This light is ready for whatever comes—aluminum body and waterproof rated at I7. Whether you’re discovering a new cave, an old forest, or a strange new world, this light is built to work regardless of the environment.


Of course, brightness matters and this light comes with a 2500 lumen bulb that will shine the way in the darkness. The only difference is, rather than washing everything out, it pulls out the color of whatever you’re looking at.


We developed this technology to bring not just white light, but rich, deep color to the darkness. It’s great for hikers, explorers, botanists, entomologists, birders, or anyone who needs to observe, not just see.


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