TrūChrōm Explorer

Bringing Color to Darkness! Our TruChrom lights are not exactly “flash” lights. In fact, mitigating the “flash” is part of what makes them so awesome. These are for people who don’t want to just see more, but they want to see better.


Bringing Color To Darkness!

We made the TruChrom Explorer for those who dare to rush in where others fear to tread. No matter your use, this light is built for those who need to see more than white light. Color is how we make sense of shapes and, without it, you’re just looking at movement.

Offering you the best of both worlds, our unique cats eye lens produces a center image with enhanced colors, surrounded by an unmodified white surround. Using our Optiix coating, these flashlights deepen reds, blues, and greens by taking out the confusion caused by certain wavelengths of light that tint what you see. Our coating also reduces glare and clarifies shadow. The best way to understand is to see for yourself.

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This light is ready for whatever comes—aluminum body and waterproof rated at I7. Whether you’re discovering a new cave, an old forest, or a strange new world, this light is built to work regardless of the environment.


The 3ooo mAh Li-Ion battery is rechargeable (of course) and offers hours of runtime at high power.


Need that little bit extra for your phone or electronic device? Simply use the included charging cable and you can use your flashlight to charge your phone or tablet when you need it most.


This means that the colors across the spectrum become brighter


This reduces the highlights that can distract from the true color


This reflects light that can confuse the rods and cones in our eyes


This allows the primary color to become richer and more apparent


This enriches the colors to come across as more “crisp” and clear


This element brings a “cooler” color that reduces heat and “haze”


This makes the visual that hits your eyes more accurate to reality


This element eliminates the harmful UVA, B, and C radiation


This allows only light that gives our brain a sense of pure colors to pass

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5 reviews for TrūChrōm Explorer

  1. David L

    I bought this flashlight to use at work so that I could better see colors as this is important in my line of work, but ended up LOVING it so much that I use it for everything now! I can wholeheartedly say that once you begin using this flashlight, you will never want to go back to another.

  2. Jarrod

    I first used it on a fall night walking the dogs and was I impressed. I thought it was just another flashlight but the colors are so incredibly vibrant that I couldn’t help to stare in awe. Using it under the hood in a dim lit garage was the next use and made an eye tiring electrical job into a breeze, easy to tell what colors are what with this item. It holds a charge for a long time, bright (with multiple settings) and fantastic ability to show true color its well worth it.

  3. Ted Nichols

    A flashlight like you’ve never had before. The colors explode! My wife was going out to the mailbox and she grabbed it thinking it was just a random flashlight. She came back in the house stating that it’s hers now! Very powerful intense stream like no other!

  4. Josh

    I love this light; it makes everything pop. Is especially good because I like to go do outdoor adventures. This light brings a lot more than brightness, but a ton of color!

  5. Calvin C

    I am very impressed with this flashlight. It truly brings out a different sense of color in everything and it defines objects. It is very handy and I enjoy the zoom feature as well.

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