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Bringing Color to Darkness! Our TruChrom lights are not exactly “flash” lights. In fact, mitigating the “flash” is part of what makes them so awesome. These are for people who don’t want to just see more, but they want to see better.


Bringing Color to Darkness

Using our Optiix coating, these flashlights deepen reds, blues, and greens by taking out the confusion caused by certain wavelengths of light that tint what you see. Our coating also reduces glare and clarifies shadow. The best way to understand is to see for yourself.

We made the TruChrom Explorer  for those who dare to rush in where others fear to tread. Whether it’s an abandoned building or a dark forest, this light is built for those who need to see more than white light. Color is how we make sense of shapes and, without it, you’re just looking at movement. The Explorer is also a powerbank to charge your phone and is ready to show you the world as the rest of the world sleeps.

The unique catseye lens produces a center image with enhanced colors, surrounded by an unmodified white surround.


Our Explorer is a 6.5” long, rechargeable, 2500 lumen powerhouse with focus at the pull of the lens, 4 modes (bright, super bright, strobe, and flash) and a brilliant flow of light that will bathe a dark world in rich color. The aluminum body is rugged and built to survive whatever you dish out. The Li-Ion battery is fully rechargeable with the included USB charging cable and will last enough recharges to reach the grand old age of a 30,000 hour lifespan.

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