Immersiiv 3D Kit – Gen 1

Our revolutionary Enciircle 3D system allows you to experience the world of 3D like never before!


Life is better in 3D. The Earth is round, but your world is flat! life is lived on 2D screens that are just better versions of your parents? old living room TV.

Immersiiv 3D is offering a profoundly better 3D experience for our sale price of just $429.99 Normally $529.99! (plus your projectors and computer) specifically for DLP projectors. This system fixes the problems that have plagued 3D since the 50s.

What?s better about Immersiiv 3D?

  • No headaches or dizziness!
  • No need for a pricey silver screen!
  • All the color because we don’t use polarization!
  • All the depth because we don’t strip out the light!
  • Lowest price for the best 3D you will find!


Each Kit includes: 

  • A pair of DLP projector filters for the Left and Right Eye Projector.

  • 5 pairs of glasses for viewing.

  • Detailed description of set up and alignment.

  • Full instructions for building a mounting frame.

  • Mounting attachment to affix the filter to the projector.

  • Software link to download demo software that will process 3D  images from your 3D content

  • Additional glasses available for $20 each, 6 pairs for $100, and 20 pairs for $325.00.

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3 reviews for Immersiiv 3D Kit – Gen 1

  1. AVS Forum

    I have to say I am really impressed with it. I have done several cross talk tests and they have passed them. I saw no cross talk at all.

  2. AVS Forum

    Played a chapter from my Yogi Bear Bluray I ripped to 3840 X 1080p, and I have to say I ‘m blown away. When viewing through the glasses I couldn’t view any crosstalk and it is very easy on the eyes.

  3. efendy

    I set up my system and the 3D is stellar. Thank you for the hard work to create a set of filters like these. I posted my general observations and pictures at the avs forum under “The Ultimate 3D projection system: A Practical Discussion Thread”

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