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See the World Again for the First Time

The earliest tinted lenses came out in the 1700s and haven’t changed much since. Sunglasses do a great job of blocking glare, but they do so by blocking light, color, and clarity. Optiix lenses curate light to enhance colors and brilliance while taking harshness and glare out.

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Glasses that Enhance

Optiix glasses are about seeing more and better. Putting them on, the effect is intentionally subtle at first, until you recognize that you’ve stopped squinting, you can see in shadow and in light equally well, and that you have a clarity of depth and color that’s unachievable with the naked eye.

Glass, not just Glasses

The color quality and sharpness of Optiix deserves to be shared beyond our glasses. We are working with manufacturers of scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, cameras, and other optical uses to create a richer and more effective visual experience for all. Optiix is about seeing at the speed of light.


Follow Your Passion

Our eyes provide us the data we need to act and react. Optiix coatings give you an advantage that allows you to ride faster, fly higher, and generally go like a bat outta hell. Whatever your activity, Optiix allows you to go bigger and see more, no matter where you take yourself.