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See the World Again for the First Time

We humans have been trying to see the world better for hundreds of years. A lot of that progress, however, has been focused on dealing with bad eyesight or dimming sunlight. Optiix offers something new—a way to see more color and clarity in the world around you.

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Optiix’s technology is a multi-layer coating, applied to the lens, which creates a different way of seeing the world. Where most coatings hope to dim light (sunglasses) or be as invisible as possible (optical lenses), our Optiix coating enriches color. Through our lenses, the world becomes a richer, more colorful, and more textured experience. Come and see.


The color quality and sharpness of Optiix deserves to be shared beyond our glasses. We are working with manufacturers of flashlights, scopes, binoculars, rangefinders, cameras, and other optical uses to create a richer and more effective visual experience for all. Optiix is about seeing at the speed of light.


Follow Your Passion

Our eyes provide us the data we need to act and react. Daytime or nighttime, Optiix is an enabler of awesome. Check out our flashlights and glasses, and then check back for products we’re already working on with partners in the optical field worldwide.