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Because Life is 3D

Look at the screen on which you’re viewing this page. It doesn’t matter if it’s a phone, laptop, TV, monitor, or tablet—what you’re looking at is flat. Enciircle’s Immersiiv line is all about bringing your flatscreen existence into a 3D reality. Life is 3D, your entertainment and information should be too.


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Reimagining Light

The key to Immersiiv’s technology starts with reimagining our eyes’ relationship with light. Where other technologies have diminished the light your eye received in 3D environments, we use a proprietary coating technology that creates intense 3D “pop” without any loss of color or picture quality.

Glasses without Headaches

Our coatings mean we don’t have to rely on “active shutter” technology—the headache and nausea inducing flickering from eye to eye that doomed 3D ten years ago. We use your brain’s understanding of the light that comes into it through each eye to make an unrivaled vibrancy.

New and Old Glasses Gen 1

Simply Better 3D

Immersiiv uses a proprietary coating on our glasses and lenses that splits light without dimming it. Current 3D tech is generally built off of two dated technologies:

  • Active Shutter: This tech was the big push a decade ago with theaters and studios jumping on. Unfortunately, the constant visual switching created dizziness and queasiness for many viewers, and the technology needed a lot of maintenance.
  • Passive Polarization: This tech uses polarized lenses to allow the viewer to create a perception of depth. However, this method diminished the amount of light that the viewer receives, so much so that images looked muddy and required a delicate and expensive “silver screen” to brighten the images.

Immersiiv’s technology is passive, like the polarization, but without compromising the amount of vibrancy of the light coming to the viewer, so colors are bolder, depth is more apparent, and there are no headaches or dizziness.


Immersiiv is focused on the consumer projector and gaming sectors at the moment, but that’s not where we’re stopping. We see incredible opportunities for larger segment areas such as medical, education, organizational/technical training, and much more. Let’s talk about how Enciircle’s Immersiiv technology can change your world.

Ready to find out more about our kits?

Take a look at both our small kit and large kit to decide which best fits your needs